Touch screen consolle


Combo Impeller System

High Quality Emulsion

Thanks to high quality emulsion (with the same mix used), you will not get a more or less roughly worked mixture anymore, but a cream rich in all the flavors rightfully demanded due to the raw materials used. A perfect emulsion.

Combo Impeller System

These impellers allow more combinations which, in turn, result in different high performance emulsions.

Processing becomes easy and effective

icona touch screen all mix

A touch screen console for manual and / or automatic management

programmazione tempi diversi di emulsione_rid

A programming of speed and rotation that allows ten working time solutions. From one to ten minutes of emulsion


An integrated diagnostic system that allows chronological tests with possible remote assistance

BASSA rumorosita

Low noise

riduzione tempi

Reduction of manual work and working time

montaggio e smontaggio facilitati

Simple assembling and disassembling of the various parts


Cleaning made simple, rapid and complete

made in italy

Parts and components entirely manufactured in Italy