Touch Screen Consolle


Easy extraction of the product


Ease of insert of the mixture

Mantecatore a vite

velocità di produzione del gelato

Speed of whipping


total distribution of the cold around the cylinder Batch freezer

meno di un minuto

within one minute from the introduction of the mixture, the ice cream begins to exit


reduction of electricity, of water needed for cooling and of working times

A revolutionary technology

coclea Techonology system_tondo

A combined system for a unique technology

coclea come storia e concetto

The heart of the Super Batch freezer. An Archimedean screw design historian and revolutionary. Historic and innovative because it allows the formation of micro-crystals in ice cream

The quality of icecream makes the difference

struttura del gelato

Best and improved ice cream structure

stabilità del gelato

Great stability

aumento volume gelato

Volume increase of the ice cream

gusto piu intenso

More intense flavor. (Bring your mix at our facility and discover the difference)

setosità al palato

Silkiness on the palate


Greater durability


Greater conservation

Processing has never been so easy

versamento facilitato

Easy outpour of the mixture. Access and outpour of three large sides. Bath at an ergonomic height and practice. It allows the visual control throughout the operation

attacco pastorizzatore

Possibility of direct attack of the pasteurizer

facile accessibilità estrazione

ease of extraction of the ice cream


ease of variegation of the ice cream

quantita diverse

Possibility of portioning even for small amounts

produzione non stop

Possibility to optimize production times

the quality of the equipment is unrivaled

made in italy

Parts and components entirely manufactured in Italy


Steel components Stainless steel Massif

touch screen mantecatore

The main devices are grouped on the appropriate console TOUCH SCREEN to manage in automatic or manual functions of the Super Batch freezer


Hand shower for cleaning

agitatore e vasca a specchio

Stirrer magnetic movement electronically activated in the hot mirror. Safe sanitation


Cleaning quick, easy and complete

attacco sfotware

Connection for software update and management assistance

montaggio smontaggio

simple installation and easy disassembly

Energy saving and sustainable

riduzione tempi

reduction of working times

risparmio energetico

reducing energy consumption

eco energy

ECO ENERGY. This system uses the air for condensation. Eliminating the use of water